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What’s with the Felt Hats?

January 6, 2015

Before, I would only see a felt hat when I am watching an Indiana Jones movie, starring Harrison Ford but now, they are everywhere! When I say everywhere – in men and women. I wasn’t sure if this was because of the re-runs being shown on cable but this I think have started the phenomenon.

However, the phenomenon has struck the women more rather than men. You will see women wearing this hat almost anywhere, even in places where there is no sunlight (i.e. the mall).

I have also seen a lot of celebrities wearing this hat paired off with their big sunglasses to avoid the paparazzi, I guess. So if you have a set of paparazzi, you can definitely wear this as a cover-up or at least to buy you time to think of what you need to say when they caught you in an area or place that is not your ‘district’.

felt hat

Kidding aside, the felt hats do add extra fashion points when put together properly. On the photo above with Charlize Theron, she looked relaxed with her hat and paired it off with just a blazer, white shirt and gray pants. She didn’t have to exert a lot of effort on the hair department because that it what the hat did for her.

Getting a hat is like a shoe, you need to make sure that it fits your head properly or else you will end up either picking up the hat because it is being blown by the wind or you keep pushing it up because it gets into your eyes.

For some attention grabbing felt hats, you can check out this Resultly right here. I like the Armani felt hat.

felt hat

It is narrow brimmed and seems to fit well in my head. Usually with this type of hat, it kind of exudes a manly appeal so if you are being conservative about this, you can wear it with just a plain top (any color would do) and a pair of jeans. You can add up a blazer or a vest to complete the look. Since it’s a casual look, you can dazzle up by painting your eyelids with the eye shadow that will complement the hat. For this, it will be a smoky gray color.

Now, if you wish to explore or incorporate this on a fun, flirty manner, you can wear it with a short dress and flats (sandals or ballet shoes). The hat will work as an accessory. Since you are in a dress, you can pair it off with a string of pearls or gold plated necklace.

You can share this fashion accessory with your man to level up his machismo. I bet he will have heads turning once this is worn so make sure he only wears it when you are in your room. LOL!

Just kidding but I think the hat does add a bit of mysteriousness in a man and with a woman too.

Now, this will be a wonderful experiment to try, don’t you think?

Backpacks: Not just for Kids

December 30, 2014

When I was still going to school, a lot of us use backpacks to carry our books. Though the same bags, we will have different designs or colors to suit our personalities or favorite cartoon character at that time. I remember, a friend of mine has her Barbie backpack to house all her books. Another one has a canvas backpack in blue that has a lot of snacks ready for our recess.

I had mine in black. This is so it does not get dirty easily and in case I forgot to close my pens, the leak would not really show unless it was a red pen but most likely, it will not happen because I never owned one before!

Fast forward to today, in our office, I have observed that most of my guy workmates are carrying canvas backpacks too. I think this is now what you can consider a “man bag” of the semi-corporate world. Well, that is if you are not an executive or CEO of the company.

Backpacks have now added another clientele up their sleeve and the hubby is beginning to give hints about his tattered messenger bag to replace it with a canvas backpack. I think we have bought it about three years ago and I have to admit that it is close to retiring. The straps have been re-stitched by yours truly for a few times already and I think I have patched a section of his bag.

I browsed online and found a few nice canvas backpacks in Ebay.Most of the bags that I fancy are in black or green color. Since it’s a backpack, you would want to have a lot of pockets to store stuff separately, or what my husband says.

He said that backpacks could make you look organized without making that much of an effort and this is all thanks to its pockets. From what I remember when I was in school, our backpacks would usually have the main body with a second storage in front then two pockets on the side. I would store all my pens on the second storage and my little stuff given to me by my classmates when we were about to leave school, I keep them on my side pockets.

An Asos canvas backpack had a different style. It has the main body and on the second storage, it was split into two and it did not have side pockets. The bag is in beige color. The bag seems functional but I don’t think it will work for my husband.

canvas backpack

Another backpack that caught my eye is Casuel. According to, this is a college backpack but I think ‘men at work’ can also use this. The bag is a little bit taller than the other backpacks that I have seen. It has the complete pockets that I have been looking for.

I am also looking at this Resultly. Click here to see the canvas backpack search For more options on what to get for him. I hope the husband approves the selection that I have made.